HHF President Attends CARE Conference 2011
HHF President – Yinka Taiwo MD, attended the 2011 CARE National Conference and 65th Anniversary and the 100th Anniversary Celebration of International Women's Day in Washington D.C. from March 8th-10th 2011. The conference was attended by over 1200 CARE supporters and advocates from all over the US. The CARE attendees were divided into groups based on their State of residence and congress hill visits were conducted. The talking points discussed with members of Congress included:
  1. Support to prevent deep cuts in the International Affairs Budget for Fiscal year 2011 and 2012. The US Foreign aid makes up 1% of the Federal budget and keeping the budget at the current level, will help to fund programs around the world that promotes economic prosperity and peace.
  2. Co-sponsoring the "Education for all act", which will help identify interventions to improve access to quality education, for marginalized populations such as women and girls. This will boost economic productivity, reduce poverty and reduce maternal and infant mortality.
  3. Support of legislation that invests in women's access to financial opportunities, which is an effective foreign development tool. Given access to financial opportunities, women are more likely to invest in the needs of their household and community.
Visit www.care.org for more information.

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