About Us
Healing Hands Foundation (HHF) is a Humanitarian Organization, founded in Minnesota USA. We have established sister Organizations in Nigeria called Healing Hands Orphanages and Outreach Foundation (HHOOF) and in the United Kingdom called (HHF). Our Organization is made up of individuals, who have the passion to make a difference in the lives of children 0-17 years old. We strongly believe that every child should be given the opportunity, to develop to their full potential as future leaders.

Our Mission:
  • Build children learning centers in Nigeria, which will offer literacy, creative arts and life skills programs.
  • Build quality orphanages in Nigeria, to provide a nurturing environment and enhance the children’s life skills through educational programs.
  • Host medical outreach programs in local communities and hospitals in Nigeria.
  • Psychosocial assistance to vulnerable children.
Leadership Team
Healing Hands Foundation leadership team is currently composed of the President. All serving members are appointed by the board of directors.